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De Anima Technology has a number of different support models to suit many types of business and any kind of budgets. We can help you onsite, but most of our solutions offers also remote IT support.


Web Development

If you want a website, De Anima Technology has customised services that can suit your business. We can support you in the creation and maintenance of websites with many different skills, from developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an Intranet (a private network), to maintaining it updated and aligned with the latest technological developments.
Register and manage a domain name
The domain is the unique name a user type to reach a website. We help you choosing the domain name that better reflex your business. Then we can register o transfer it, check the better price, guarantee a privacy protection
This service refers to the storage of your site’s data. We can help in finding the better low cost solution (shared hosting), a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or complex hosting solutions depending on your needs. Our hosting solutions are based on Linux platform, cause it offers an excellent value for money
Website development
De Anima Technology can create your website, designing a structure, developing pages, creating and inserting all contents you need (as texts and photographs) and offering a service of graphic design to improve user experience and website appealing. To do this, we use basically Joomla platform, one of the most powerful and reliable open-source system (link to the dedicated page), but we can provide also others content management systems and customized components. We also provide security systems for your website
Bespoke web solutions
In order to improve your website functionality, De Anima Technology developed its own solutions: ADV Content (to better manage website contents), Dac Shop (to develop e-commerce solutions) and Newsletter (to establish a relation with your stakeholders by sending periodical newsletters). For specific field, we can also write and publish articles and news for your company blog, in order to offer fresh and useful contents to your visitors