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    Technology set monitoring operation and apps, Guaranteed the server security
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About us

Founded in 2005, De Anima Technology is an Information Technology Solution Provider that supports professionals, small and medium size companies offering a diverse range of IT solutions. From software installation to server implementation, from LAN management to website developing, DAT aims to be a real partner of the company listening, understanding and anticipating its needs.



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De Anima Technology offers unique solutions, cause your business is unique! Being a multi-faceted, highly skilled, innovative IT support and service provider, proposes a diverse range of IT outputs, aiming to be a real partner of the client listening, understanding and anticipating its needs. Our goal is to meet your necessities offering turnkey solutions. Some groups of services are listed below, but if you don't see anything that matches your requirements don’t hesitate to ask any question through the contact form (link to contact form) to understand more on how we can help you.

De Anima Technology has a number of different support models to suit many types of business and any kind of budgets. We can help you onsite, but most of our solutions offers also remote IT support.
A server is used to share devices or resources among multiple users. Whatever is the kind of server you need De Anima Technology can set and manage it, monitoring operation and apps running on it, and guarantee the server security.
The computer network is fundamental for any kind of business. It links your computers, servers and printers to optimize your work flow. De Anima Technology can create, manage your network, and guarantee its security to protect your data.
If you have an idea to put online, De Anima Technology has customized services that can suit you. We can support in the production and maintenance of websites with many different skills, in developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an Intranet (a private network), in maintaining it updated and aligned with new technological developments.