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De Anima Technology has a number of different support models to suit many types of business and any kind of budgets. We can help you onsite, but most of our solutions offers also remote IT support.

Founded in 2005, De Anima Technology is an Information Technology Solution Provider that supports professionals, small and medium size companies offering a diverse range of IT solutions. From software installation to server implementation, from LAN management to website developing, DAT aims to be a real partner of the company listening, understanding and anticipating its needs.

Agility as a value
De Anima Technology, based in UK, rapidly respond to technological developments and improvements and helps its clients to adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways. DAT is flexible and customize its services to provide the right solution for any business.

Technicians with a soul
As the name of the company highlight, De Anima Technology is a team of people that share a passion for technology and put their soul in their job, cause they love what they do. That ensures commitment to keep abreast of technology developments and to on-going in-house research, together with enthusiasm as a fundamental ingredient for success.